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Mrs. Shweta Salunkhe, an accomplished female entrepreneur, has recently been awarded the prestigious Rashtriya Abhiman Puraskar and Indian Entrepreneurship Award as the “Best Woman Entrepreneur of the Year” for her outstanding contributions to the business industry. Her notable achievements in various sectors have established her as an epitome of success and a source of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Additionally, Mrs. Salunkhe has also received an honorable mention in Forbes Magazine for her remarkable work.

As the Chief Legal Officer for multiple companies, including Super Galaxy Sports, Blackhat Syndicus, and Glocal Foodworks’ Coffee & More, Mrs. Salunkhe has made significant contributions to the growth and success of these businesses. Coffee & More, which operates over 170 outlets across the country, offers a wide range of perfectly blended flavors to match everyone’s taste. Mrs. Salunkhe’s vision and leadership have been instrumental in making it a top-tier brand in the food and beverage industry.

Blackhat Syndicus, a leading business that provides direction and assistance to companies looking to expand globally, has also benefited greatly from Mrs. Salunkhe’s legal expertise. With her guidance, the company has successfully tackled numerous challenges and obstacles, including navigating governmental regulations and forming beneficial partnerships with foreign governments.

Edge Aviation, a private charter company that Mrs. Salunkhe co-founded, operates ten modern aircraft and maintains them to the highest safety standards. Edge Aviation exhibits a dedication to innovation and quality in the Indian aviation industry by being the only business in the country to construct its own hangars for its aircraft.

Indian Entrepreneurship Awards 2023 and the Rashtriya Abhiman Puraskar 2023, were graced by Maninderjeet Singh, Shri Mangal Prabhat Lodha -Tourism Minister of Maharashtra, Shri Shailesh Ghedia- President Professional Cell, BJP Maharashtra, our beloved Usha Mangeshkar and Raj K Purohit (ex- minister Maharashtra state).

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